Congregational giving garden

If you would like to help with the start-up costs for our congregational Giving Garden, please click on the button below.  Donations will be used to help rent a rototiller (or let us know if we can borrow one!), purchase compost, soil conditioners, weed barrier, other supplies and to extend an existing drip line for irrigation.  Thank you!

helping the round pantry reduce food waste

We love our partnership with The Round Pantry at Westview and our new initiative to help them lower their waste footprint during Pantry weeks.  Many of our members regularly volunteer each Pantry week to feed the growing numbers of food insecure in our community.  Next time, volunteer while helping the Earth.  

Each Pantry week, some of the bread, dessert or produce arrives spoiled or accidentally smashed and cannot be shared with Pantry shoppers.  This waste was often thrown in the trash by the gallons (64+ gallons most weeks).  Our Earth Care team has created 2 partnerships with local farms in our community to take produce and bread/dessert waste and use it as feed for livestock; chickens, goats, pot belly pigs and cows!  

The Pantry has asked us to help support the retraining of their volunteers to save this food waste.  It is always a joy to work at The Pantry.  Now you can help feed your Longmont neighbor and reduce the amount of waste that gets produced each week and thrown in the land fill.  Volunteer at the Pantry bagging bread or produce and help train their volunteers to save this waste for the farm animals.  Reach out to Jennifer for more details.

Day Laborer Outreach

Or as we fondly call it . . . the burrito ministry.  A dedicated team distributes warm breakfast burritos every Tuesday morning to day workers at five Longmont locations.   Join us for outreach!

This is a 30-45 minute commitment every Tuesday morning @ 5:30 am. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently gathering at
Santiago's restaurant to pick up breakfast burritos. 
We pray, split into teams, and deliver burritos/make new friends. 
We drive separately and wear masks and gloves for our deliveries.

For more info contact Jennifer Haratsaris or Erin Foley. 

day laborer outreach
"burrito ministry"

Make a special donation directly to the "Burrito Ministry" fund.  

Contributions will be used to purchase burritos from Santiago's restaurant as we cannot
currently meet during this time of COVID to make more from scratch breakfast burritos.  

donations for face masks

In an effort to help “Flatten the Curve” we have been asked to wear face masks when out and about. 

Governor Polis says “Coloradans who leave their homes to go grocery shopping or take a walk around their neighborhood should now wear non-medical cloth face masks while they’re in public.”  Some of you may already have the masks that you need, but some of you may not. So, our dear Faith Sowers are making simple cloth masks and they are making them available to members of our congregation. They are FREE and a heartfelt gift to you! If you feel compelled to pay for them, then the Faith Sowers suggest a small thank you donation to CENTRALongmont.

Click on the MAKE A DONATION button below to make a non-pledge donation

to general funds using a form that provides a text field for your specific acknowledgement.  

Please enter "masks" in the text field.