earth care central

We invite you to join us in 2023 as we work together to:

  • Walk more gently on God's creation by learning ways to lower our carbon footprint
  • Restore God's creation
  • Grow and share with the food insecure in our community, nutrient dense, delicious produce from our Giving Gardens

We highlight several ways we engage missionally in caring for creation in the passages below. 

Our monthly Mission and Earth Care Newsletter is also a great way to stay current on missional and earth care opportunities with CENTRALongmont.  To see the most recent issue or to review past issues of our newsletter, please enjoy the Mission and Earth Care News archive. There are many ways to get connected through your love for God's creation.  Join Us!  

We are proud to be a certified Earth Care Congregation with the PC(USA).  Learn more about what that means in our About section.

restoring god's creation

We have started our project, Sacred Grounds, to beautify our landscaping while caring for God's creation.  Because native plants are adapted to local environmental conditions, they save a most valuable natural resource, water. In addition to providing vital habitat for birds, many other species of wildlife benefit as well. The colorful array of butterflies and moths in our area are all dependent on very specific native plant species. Native plants provide nectar for pollinators including hummingbirds, native bees, butterflies, moths, and bats. Let us learn together what changes we can make to our own natural spaces . . . on our grounds, at our homes, for our community.  To read about the native plants selected for our native garden, please click on the button below.  We will share a new plant each week throughout the summer.

Native Plants

protecting habitats, restoring the land

Learn about ways to restore God's creation with our new mission partner, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers.  WRV provides opportunities for people to come together, learn about their natural environment, and take direct action to restore and care for the land.  

CENTRALongmont Giving gardens

Our giving gardens are used to help fight hunger in our community in conjunction with caring for the Earth.  According to the organization Feeding America, fresh fruits and vegetables are one of the most requested food items at food banks that are often in short supply. According to Community Food Share, 1 in 8 of our neighbors in Boulder and Broomfield Counties struggles with hunger — including more than 9,000 children.

We have joined this fight to end hunger in our community by creating both a new congregational giving garden at a member's property, as well as by encouraging a home giving garden army to aid us in this effort.  

We have donated over 1,800 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to the OUR Center and The Round Pantry since we started the garden in 2021.  Join us by helping in the congregational garden or by growing an extra row or two at your home garden to share with the food insecure in our community. 

walking more gently on god's creation

Recycling Do's

We are proud to be a certified Earth Care Congregation working to protect and restore God's creation and reduce actions that damage the Earth and harm vulnerable communities.  Looking for ways to walk more gently on this home that God created for us?  The Earth Care team has collected many helpful resources and guides to share!  Click the resource button below and find hundreds of ways to make small (and sometimes large), meaningful changes in your everyday life to care for God's creation.  Join us for our Hard to Recycle Battery Drive in September.  Learn more here.

Earth Care Resources

If you are interested in learning more, or joining us in this important ministry, email Jennifer Haratsaris.