our mission partners

CENTRALongmont partners with incredible organizations working

both in our Longmont community and around the world.  

These organizations were chosen based on our Mission and Core Values

and our commitment to being an Earth Care congregation.  

Click on their names or pictures if you are interested in

learning more about our partners.  

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  • By allowing co-op members to stay home and earn a "just wage" Café Justo addresses the double tragedies of families split apart by migration to the US, and of migrants dying in the desert trying to get here.

  • Columbine is CENTRALongmont's neighborhood school.  We partner with Columbine to provide mentors, special event volunteers, and through our Shoes and Boots donation program.

  • The mission of Crossroads School is to assist students who have experienced academic and/or behavioral struggles in traditional schools to reach their potential.

  • Eco-Cycle’s mission is to innovate, implement, and advocate for local and global Zero Waste solutions to foster a more regenerative, equitable, and climate-resilient future.

  • The mission of El Comité is to facilitate communication and understanding within the community to improve social justice, education and economic status for the Latino and non-Latino members of the community.

  • Frontera de Cristo is a Presbyterian border ministry located in the sister cities of Agua Prieta, Sonora and Douglas, Arizona.   

  • HomeAhead collects and distributes gently used essential furniture and household items to individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness in Boulder County. They provide the most vulnerable individuals in society the means to create a true home and start a new life.

  • Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement.  HOPE ensures a sense of dignity and support to the homeless community while offering programs and referrals that encourage movement toward self-sufficiency.

  • We love our location in the heart of downtown Longmont.  And we love to work with our neighbors for downtown events all year long. Stop by and see us at the Summer Concert Series, Unity in the Community, or Day of the Dead Festivals.

  • Mark and Miriam are mission co-workers with the Presbyterian Border Ministry in Agua Prieta, Mexico,  Mark serves as US coordinator of the bi-national ministry, Frontera de Cristo.  Miriam connects people and organizations across the border and serves as a liaison of Frontera de Cristo.

  • We at CENTRALongmont participate in several special offerings each year with the PC(USA), like the Christmas Joy Offering, Pentecost Offering. Peace and Global Witness Offering and One Great Hour of Sharing.

  • Recovery Cafe Longmont is a community of refuge and healing for those in recovery. RCL supports adults as they rebuild their lives and break the cycle of addiction, or overcome a recent crisis or trauma. They strive to stand in the gap between crisis and stability by fostering community-building and life-empowerment.

  • The Round Pantry welcomes anyone who needs food. Distributing food from Community Food Share twice a month, the Round Pantry uses a drive line distribution process.  Shoppers receive several prepacked bags of non-perishable foods, produce, dairy products, frozen foods and bread & desserts.

  • VCP Village will feature 26 tiny houses and a 3,000-square foot Community Center.  It provides everything a Veteran needs to live with dignity and safety; trauma-informed design with new furniture, appliances, housewares, bedding, and utilities, free of charge. 

  • The mission of WRV is to foster a community spirit of shared responsibility for the stewardship and restoration of public, protected, and ecologically significant lands across Colorado and beyond.