children and youth

Children and youth are loved at CENTRALongmont.  We strive to build a community of belonging for our kids and youth that encourages curiosity, discovery and love of God, others and self.  We encourage families to worship together and children of all ages are welcome!  

Children are welcomed during worship with a Children's Message.  Our youth are encouraged to lead and serve in worship including helping with the livestream and AV, ushering or reading scripture.  The youth are welcome to join and sing with the choir or share their musical talents performing special music on Sundays.  

families, blessing our community

Throughout the year, we highlight many missional opportunities that can be enjoyed by the entire family.  

Our families serve together sharing groceries with Longmont neighbors in need at The Round Pantry.  Families bless our community by picking up trash throughout our city and sprucing up our grounds in our Green Up, Clean Up events or by walking with our Boulder County Crop Walk team.  Families with older children (16+) join our Cafe Outreach teams and provide lunch for folks in Longmont at the OUR Center.   Families can be found working together in our congregational Giving Garden or at home growing a row of produce in their home gardens to share with our Grow and Give program. Plus many more opportunities throughout the year.

Watch for the heart symbol shown above in church announcements when we share a missional activity that is family friendly and consider serving together.  Get your kids, grandkids, neighbor kids involved!  Inviting a friend to church is sometimes hard (although always welcome),  but children and youth love opportunities to live their faith in hands-on ways.  So watch for this symbol and consider how your family and their friends can get involved today!