special offerings and payments

This Resource page allows you to make donations for special offerings or ministries.  

It also allows you to make payments for Café Justo coffee, books, classes and other

seasonal offerings such as lilies or poinsettias.  The selections may change throughout the year.

Please access the following options below:

Sacred Grounds - Native Garden Memorial

Café Justo Coffee Order and Payment

Memorial Donations - Faithful Servant Trust Fund

Per Capita Giving

We will continue planting our native garden in 2024.  The species chosen for our garden benefit pollinators and are low water usage. To read about the native plants chosen, click here to learn about the different species. You also have an opportunity to donate in memory of a loved one toward purchasing native flowers and plants for this project.  Thank you for helping us beautify our grounds and care for native species and pollinators.

CENTRALongmont Presbyterian Church places orders for coffee from Café Justo every month:

  • Orders must be received by the first Sunday of each month
  • Expect orders to arrive near the end of that same month.
  • Sign up for recurring, regular orders if you want to maintain a regular delivery schedule
  • Place your order and pay below (this is a form where you can place your order and pay using a credit or debit card, or electronic funds transfer directly from your checking account). 
  • If you have questions about placing your order contact Karey Carbaugh.
  • You will be notified when your coffee is ready.  


One Pound Regular Coffee $11/lb.

One Pound Decaf or Mix $12/lb.

Click on the button below to complete an order form for Café Justo coffee.  It's delicious!  Learn more about Café Justo.

Memorial donations - faithful servant Investment board

You can make a donation here, in memory of a deceased loved one or as a special gift to Faithful Servant Investments.  To learn more about the FSI Board, please click here.

Per Capita Payments

If you have committed to making the "per capita" (now known as "covenant commitment") payment of $56 per Member,  click on this button to complete the form and make your payment:


By clicking on any of the buttons above, you will be temporarily redirected to the site of our trusted provider, ShelbyGiving.com, for secure processing of your donation or payment.  Once your transaction is complete, you will be returned to the CENTRALongmont.net site.  Thank you for your gift or order.