special offerings and payments

This Resource page allows you to make donations for special offerings or ministries.  

It also allows you to make payments for Cafe Justo coffee, books, classes and other

seasonal offerings such as lilies or poinsettias.  The selections may change throughout the year.

Please access the following options below:

Cafe Justo Coffee Order and Payment

Burrito Ministry

Face Mask Donation

Place an Order for Café Justo Coffee

Click on the button below to complete an order form

for Café Justo coffee.  It's delicious!

Learn more about Café Justo.

day laborer outreach
"burrito ministry"

Make a special donation directly to the "Burrito Ministry" fund.  

Contributions will be used to purchase burritos from Santiago's restaurant as we cannot
currently meet during this time of COVID to make more from scratch breakfast burritos.  

donations for face masks

In an effort to help “Flatten the Curve” we have been asked to wear face masks when out and about. 

Governor Polis says “Coloradans who leave their homes to go grocery shopping or take a walk around their neighborhood should now wear non-medical cloth face masks while they’re in public.”  Some of you may already have the masks that you need, but some of you may not. So, our dear Faith Sowers are making simple cloth masks and they are making them available to members of our congregation. They are FREE and a heartfelt gift to you! If you feel compelled to pay for them, then the Faith Sowers suggest a small thank you donation to CENTRALongmont.

Click on the MAKE A DONATION button below to make a non-pledge donation

to general funds using a form that provides a text field for your specific acknowledgement.  

Please enter "masks" in the text field.


By clicking on any of the buttons above, you will be temporarily redirected to the site of our trusted provider, ShelbyGiving.com, for secure processing of your donation or payment.  Once your transaction is complete, you will be returned to the CENTRALongmont.net site.  Thank you for your gift or order.