Mercy Fund

mer-cy: noun - kindness or help; disposition to be compassionate; benevolence

As we are in a time of uncertainty due to the COVID 19 crisis, we want to remind you of a ministry here at CENTRALongmont that may be of help.  The Mercy Fund is a ministry of Central’s Board of Deacons.  Its purpose is to show God’s love to our church family in times of personal crisis or hardship, through direct provision of basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and transportation.


The fund was established in 2012 and funded through generous donations from our congregation.  


How do I begin the process?


This is a confidential process.  If you have a need, please reach out to Lee Smoot (Moderator of Deacons), Pastor David or an active Deacon.  One of those people will collect the information and present it to the Deacons, who will then discuss and decide if the request meets the requirements.  When the request goes to the Board of Deacons, no names are used in discussion or on paperwork.  Only the Deacon or staff member reached out to and the church treasurer will know the names and needs.  If the request is approved, we will do our best to get the funds to the appropriate entity as quickly as possible.


We are willing to help with… Medical Expenses, Prescriptions, Food (gift card), Utilities, Transportation Costs, Mortgage, Rent, Car Payment, and Emergency Child Care.  All funds will be made payable to the entity/payee of the approved bill. An invoice or other documentation of the bill must be provided.



Education Expenses, Consumer Debt, Legal/Attorney Fees, Bail, Taxes, and Business Expenses.  We will not give out cash.


Who is eligible to use the Mercy Fund?  

The Mercy Fund is open to all members of CENTRALongmont and regular attenders, or those who attend worship at CENTRALongmont at least twice a month for a period of 6 months or longer.


For more information, please contact Lee Smoot, David Barker, or one of the Deacons.