cancel or modify an

automatic recurring donation

Life happens, ups and downs.  If you have an automatic recurring gift

that you would like to cancel or modify, here are the steps to do that:

  1. Go to the Giving form and click on Sign-in in the middle of the page (next to Give Now).
  2. Enter your e-mail address or phone number and then click Next.
  3. If you are prompted for a password, skip that and instead click the button below it that says Sign In With One Time Code.
  4. You will receive a six digit code by e-mail or text, depending on which you used in Step 2.
  5. Enter those six digits.
  6. A standard giving form will open for you.  In the middle of the page, there will be a tab called Scheduled - it's between Give Now and History.  Click on Scheduled.
  7. You will see a box for each recurring gift series you have created.  On the right side of each box are two icons: a pencil and a trash can.  
  8. Click the pencil - not the trash can.  You can change the amount, frequency, timing or payment method, and you can enter an End Date here.  Click into the End Date field and enter a date when you would like the recurring contributions to end.
  9. You can click on the trash can to delete the recurring contribution altogether.  However, we recommend waiting until after the next payment would have occurred before deleting the instructions.  After you are sure the payments have been discontinued, you can come back and delete the recurring payment information by clicking on the trash can.
  10. If you have any trouble at all, please call the office at 303-776-6833. 


Simply call the office (303-776-6833) and ask us to discontinue or modify your recurring payment.  We can process it for you in a lot less time than it might take for you to go through all the steps above, and we are happy to be of assistance.