Summer Earth Care Outreach: Restoring Creation
Habitats: Beavers on the St. Vrain

The CENTRALongmont Earth Care team invites you to join them in a fun summer outreach opportunity with our new mission partner, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers!  Help to enhance habitat along rivers in Longmont while making space for native beavers.  This is a great outreach to do with kids 8+, so invite your kids, grandkids and neighbor kids to join the fun.

Saturday August 13, 9am-1pmLongmont Green Space

The City of Longmont recognizes that beavers are an important part of our ecosystem, but so is the mature tree canopy along streams that provides important ecosystem services. In an effort to co-exist with beavers in an urban setting, native cottonwoods and peachleaf willow trees are protected by painting them with a mixture of paint and sand that deters beavers from chewing them down. Non-native trees are not painted, giving the beavers a source of food. During this project series, volunteers will help paint native trees along the St. Vrain Creek riparian corridor from Golden Ponds to Sunset St and along Lykins Gulch from Airport Road to the confluence with St. Vrain Creek. Read an article from a past WRV beaver tree painting project on the St. Vrain.

How to register: Register by July 30

WRV has reserved spaces for CENTRALongmont, use this link to access volunteer spots through July 30. If you have volunteered with them in the past, just login to register under your group or create a new account in minutes.
What do I do if the project is full?

If the project is full, you can join the waitlist.

How do I get directions, schedule and a list of what to bring?

About a week before the event, WRV sends a “PROJECT DETAILS” email, which contains directions, schedule and what to bring. Use an email that you check frequently when registering so you get all the info.

Questions? Contact Jennifer.

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