Get connected at centralongmont

We seek to be a church family that worships Jesus Christ with our whole lives

as we love the people in our community and the world around us. 

We want to help you get connected. 

Check out our ministries below to find a place to come aboard.

faith formation

We want everyone to grow in relationship to God and one another.  

Adult education classes are provided, September through May. 

Bible study groups meet at various times throughout the year.

Faith Formation.


Our Circles are open to everyone in the community.  

The Circles are often focused on outreach and community.  

They all provide fellowship and connection.  

Explore our Circles today!

children & youth

We strive to create a community of belonging that encourages curiosity, 

discovery, and love of God, others, and self, for our children and youth.  

Children & Youth at CENTRALongmont

music & worship

Music is a gift from God, and as we know, gifts come in all shapes and sizes. 

At CENTRALongmont you are invited and encouraged to offer your musical gifts. 

All that is required is a love of music and a willingness to serve the Lord with your gifts. 

For more information explore our Music Ministry.

mission and outreach

We are blessed to serve our community locally, nationally and internationally and

through support of PC(USA).  Our strategy is to provide support both financially

and through creative hands-on ways that are meaningful and will make a

difference in God's kingdom.  Join us! Get involved today!

We highlight several ways in which we engage together

with our community on the Mission and Outreach page. 

earth care central

CENTRALongmont is committed to integrating environmental practices and

thinking into all facets of congregational life including worship, facilities, 

education and outreach.  Interested in working with us on this goal?  

Earth Care CENTRAL.

interested in serving?

As a follower of Jesus, you are an important part of the church.  

You are invited and encouraged to find a place to serve here at CENTRALongmont—

using your gifts to encourage others and support various ministries.  

When you serve, you will feel more connected, meet others on the same journey, steward

your gifts and talents in ways that are meaningful, and find joy in the process!

Serving at CENTRALongmont