February 4, 2021 dismantling structural racism working group

“Racism is deeply embedded in the life and history of the U.S. Through colonization, slavery and a shameful history of legislative action and judicial pronouncements, our nation created and embraced a system that valued and devalued people based simply on skin color and ethnic identity. People of color were deliberately subjugated for material, political and social advantage. Racism today is the continuing and enduring legacy of this history.”

Presbyterian Church(USA)
Presbyterian Mission
Matthew 25 Ministries

February is Black History Month. Please Join the Dismantling Structural Racism Working Group as we facilitate our monthly Lunch and Learn on Monday Feb 8, noon to 1 pm (see the church e-newsletter for Zoom link). We will focus on how to honor and remember those who struggled and are currently struggling to remove the oppression that our system perpetrates.


We are looking forward to walking with you on this journey.     

Your Dismantling Structural Racism Working Group

Lisa, Donna, Eve, Eddie, Brian, Lawson, Steve, Ashley, and Phil