mission & outreach

We are blessed to serve our community locally, nationally and internationally and

through support of PC(USA).  Our strategy is to provide support both financially

and through creative hands-on ways that are meaningful and will make a

difference in God's kingdom.  Join us! Get involved today!

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opportunities to serve our community

To stay current with our Mission & Outreach, 

or to review past issues of our newsletter,

please enjoy the Missional Outreach News archive.

Day Laborer Outreach

Or as we fondly call it . . . the burrito ministry.  A dedicated team distributes warm breakfast burritos every Tuesday morning to day workers at five Longmont locations.   Join us for outreach!

This is a 30-45 minute commitment every Tuesday morning @ 5:30 am. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently gathering at
Santiago's restaurant to pick up breakfast burritos. 
We pray, split into teams, and deliver burritos/make new friends. 
We drive separately and wear masks and gloves for our deliveries.

Volunteers needed to distribute burritos.   Sign up here.
To donate to this outreach, please see our Special Offerings page.  Thank you.

For more info contact Jennifer Haratsaris or Erin Foley. 

our center cafe outreach

Be part of our Cafe Outreach team! Join us for serving lunch at the OUR Center. 

No experience necessary.  This is a fun, easy way to serve our community.

Dates for 2020

January 12

March 8

May 10 (Mother's Day)

July 12

September 13

November 8


If you would like to help, please click here to sign up. 

For more information contact Jennifer Haratsaris

Chris Edwards or Carol Edwards.

CENTRALongmont Presbyterian Church places orders for coffee from Café Justo every month:

  • Orders must be received by the first Sunday of each month
  • Expect orders to arrive near the end of that same month.
  • Sign up for recurring, regular orders if you want to maintain a regular delivery schedule
  • Place your order and pay online via this form (this is a form where you can place your order and pay using a credit or debit card, or electronic funds transfer directly from your checking account). 
  • If you have questions about placing your order contact Karey Carbaugh.
  • You will be notified when your coffee is ready.  During this uncertain time, we will reach out to discuss the best way for getting your order to you.

Cost:  $10/lb. or $40/5 lbs.

Cafe Justo is a grower owned Coffee Cooperative based in sourthern Chiapas , Mexico, formed to address the poverty and migration from Mexico to the U.S.A.        


The Benefits of Buying Café Justo

  • The coffee is organically grown, is delicious, and a good value
  • ALL revenues go to the grower’s Cooperative in Chiapas
  • It allows the coffee farmers to remain in their homeland. 
  • The Café Justo drinker helps support development of new spin-off jobs and economic development south of the border.   
  • By allowing co-op members to stay home and earn a "just wage," Café Justo addresses the double tragedies of families split apart by migration to the United States and of migrants dying in the desert trying to get here. 

ending hunger

CENTRALongmont sponsors a yearly food drive  for The Round Pantry @ Westview.  The food drive is held during the month of February, but we also collect non-perishable items for the Pantry throughout the year.  The Round Pantry @ Westview, a food bank for anyone needing food assistance, is open 2-7 pm the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month.  They are located at 1500 Hover St., Longmont.  If you have questions about the Round Pantry or want to sign up to volunteer, please reach out to The Round Pantry.

Our youth also help us participate in the annual Souper Bowl of Caring which occurs each year on Super Bowl Sunday.  It is a great kick-off to the annual food drive in February.  We also have many dedicated individuals who organize a Crop Walk team each fall.

Recovery Cafe is a community of refuge and healing for people in recovery.  RCL supports adults as they rebuild their lives and break the cycle of addiction, or overcome a recent stress or trauma.  They strive  to stand in the gap between crisis and stability, by fostering community-building and life-empowerment.  

And we are so blessed to have them as tenants in our building.  Many at CENTRALongmont donate home-cooked meals for their daily communal lunches or work with their members.  

Interested in helping too?  Contact RCL.

2020 mission booklet

To learn about more opportunities to serve with CENTRALongmont, check out the 2020 Mission Booklet. The organizations and mission partners we support were chosen based on our Purpose and Core Values which were adopted by Session in March 2016. This booklet will not only give you an overview of our mission support, but also provide ideas for getting involved.

Click on the picture to download your own copy.  Join hands with us in working in our community!