CENTRALcircles, the Parish element of our Hub and Parish ministry model, are beginning to take shape. We have four circles in the process of forming, with several more to come. While no two circles will be exactly alike or function in precisely the same way, each circle will have the same five components:

  • fellowship  
  • worship  
  • education  
  • mission  
  • pastoral care  

CENTRALcircles are open to everyone. As our sign out front says:

Whoever you are, wherever you are in your faith journey,

we’ll come alongside you…to worship, to learn, to join hands in working in the community.  

You are welcome here.  

You will find more information about CENTRALcircles in Fellowship Hall where you can pick up a CENTRALcircles Handbook or click here to download a handbook.

If you are interested in joining a CENTRALcircle you can email the contact person contact either Donna Ferrey or Holly Cable.     

If you would like to start a CENTRALcircle, please contact either Donna Ferrey or Holly Cable


  • CENTRAL Book Readers

    Contact: Lee Ann Fennell - Email Lee Ann

    Gathering Day/Time: Mondays @ 6 pm at Panera   

    This Circle will meet regularly at a coffee shop or restaurant to discuss books with a purpose. They will be actively involved in finding solutions for children and seniors who need someone to read to them. 

  • CENTRAL Yarnies

    Contact: Anne Kelly - Email Anne

    Phone: 303-437-1794

    Gathering Day/Time: Saturday mornings 10-noon @ Leenies Cafe, 800 Hover St.

    (down from Hobby Lobby)  

    Knit and crochet blankets for children in the hospital and in shelters, for police officers to hand out to domestic violence victims and for nursing home residents.

  • Criminal Justice

    Contact: Dave Chaffee - Email Dave

    Gathering Day/Time: Email Dave

    This Circle will work with the Reentry Initiative to support women being released from incarceration.

  • Reach Out Circle

    Contact: Bev & John Shetter - Email Bev & John

    Gathering Day/Time: Email Bev & John

    This Circle provides an opportunity to visit CENTRALongmont members and their neighbors at senior living facilities. The intent is to have a short time of worship, fellowship and listening to their joys and concerns. The Circle would meet once a month for planning and a second time a month for the visits.

  • Sing-A-Long Circle (SaL)

    Contact: Gene Wilson - Email Gene

    Gathering Day/Time: Email Gene

    The purpose of the SaL Circle is to learn, sing, and lead others in the Longmont community in singing songs with texts regarding CENTRALongmont’s Purpose and Core Values.  The style of songs learned and discussed will be from all styles, with an emphasis on “secular” songs in the Folk, Blue Grass, Country, Blues, Pop, Rap, Classical and Spiritual genre.  Members will support each other as we discuss and debate the value of the above prior to presentation to the community. Members will determine when, where and how to present/produce Sing-a-Longs for the Longmont community.

    Upcoming Event:


    Friday, April 27 @ 7 pm - CENTRALongmont

    Admission is FREE

    Musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments to play along.

  • We’re All Immigrants

    Contact: Tom & Stevie Hoffman - Email Tom & Stevie  

    Gathering Day/Time:  Email Tom & Stevie

    This Circle will focus on issues of immigration, immigrants and their needs.   (DACA, Citizenship, ESL)