Session (Elders)

The Session is made up of individuals (Elders) elected by the congregation.  Collectively, the Session has responsibility for oversight for most of CENTRALongmont's current work and visioning for the future.  Individual Elders help provide leadership for specific ministries within the church.

Lawson Drinkard (Facilities)

Carol Edwards (Worship)

LeeAnn Fennell (Finance)

Steve Kukic (Personnel)

Linda Parker (Mission)

Martha Ramos (Christian Education)

Greg Smoot (Facilities)

Donna Weaver (Clerk of Session)

Gene Wilson (Mission)

Diaconate (Deacons)

The purpose of the Deacons at CENTRALongmont is to provide prayer, love, support and pastoral care to members of our church family. Individuals are elected to the Diaconate by the congregation, ordained and serve a three-year term. The duties of the Diaconate include:

  • Visiting our Friends at Home
  • Taking Communion to those who cannot participate in Sunday worship
  • Visiting those in hospital or other care facilities
  • Providing or finding transportation to church for those needing rides
  • Providing or finding meals for members in times of need
  • Sending cards to members during difficult times or times of special celebrations
  • Providing prayer and support to members who have suffered a loss of a loved one
  • Praying daily for members of the church with prayer requests
  • Managing and facilitating The Mercy Fund
  • Managing the CENTRALongmont Service Bank
  • Maintaining the church emergency cell phone 24/7.

For information on receiving pastoral care, please call the church office at 303-776-6833 or e-mail.

Kathy Coniway

Maj-Lis Kemper

Nancy McIlvain

Reyes Ramos

Cathy Reichert

Bev Shetter

Susan Taylor

Kathleen Thomson

Marv Van Peursem

Diane West