Purpose and Core Values

Our Purpose--what we do--and our Core Values--how we do it--give definition to all our work, worship, and witness.


This means many things, but most importantly it means this:  Knowing about Jesus is good; knowing Jesus is far better.  The first is head knowledge that results in more information; the second is heart knowledge and results in transformation.  It also results in action.  Action is important because we believe that growth in a relationship with Jesus should always be in service to something bigger than ourselves.

Which brings us to blessing our community.  Too often, it seems, Christianity focuses on the individual--individual salvation, individual growth--or on the church--increasing membership, building bigger buildings.  Those are (or can be) important.  But we believe more important still is putting our faith to work to make our community a better place for everyone.

Our Core Values

  • Shalom...we work for wholeness, peace, and justice for all people
  • Compassion...we extend mercy and understanding to all people
  • Grace...we forgive as God forgives us
  • Integrity...we live what we profess to believe
  • Community...we're responsible for more than our own lives

BHAG: Big Holy Audacious Goal

Every person in our community will experience the enrichment that God desires for creation. 

Vivid Description of our Envisioned Future

It is a crisp and sunny fall day and the meeting room is humming with excitement, is buzzing with activity, and is bursting at the seams. Members, friends, and community partners of CENTRALongmont are having their annual gathering to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and set goals for the next. So much of our vision has been achieved, and yet, there is still much to be done.

In our community kids can safely walk to school together and play until dark in the local park. Moms and Dads sit on porches in front of their warm and inviting homes after a day of fulfilling work, and speak to their neighbors by name on their evening strolls. Monthly block parties are a patchwork quilt of backgrounds, ages, religions, skin colors, and languages. Much of the delicious and healthy food was grown in neighborhood gardens. There is plenty to eat, everyone can afford to bring a dish for sharing, and the leftovers will be shared with others.

Our kids speak several languages fluently, and high school students have decided that next year they are going to offer to teach classes for older adults. All of our kids are in great schools and are excited about their possibilities and opportunities for the future. The wise elders in our community are regularly in our school classrooms to share stories about our history and heritage as a community. Everyone knows each other’s name.

Next year we will have to find a larger meeting space! There is excitement about the future. There are many ideas and projects, and many hands to do them.

People in our community have come to embrace, live, and be enriched by their unique God-given gifts and are eager to share them with others. The attitude of Ubuntu is understood and practiced.

The Holy Spirit is present!

Transforming Church, Lives, Community...What Does that Mean?

The tagline of our logo says, "Transforming Church, Transforming Lives, Transforming Community."  What does that mean?

Transforming Church

We love the church. We honor our traditions. At the same time, we’re being called to new ways of being a community of faith. A community mindful of our history in Longmont and our connection to the Presbyterian Church (USA), yet committed to a way of being the heart and hands of Christ that emphasizes Kingdom work over church work. 

Transforming Lives

We love the promise of the Gospel: transformation—broken people made new by the love of Jesus Christ. Transformation not just for us as individuals but, through how we live, to be a blessing where we live. We’re not finished yet. We don’t have this all figured out. It’s a transformation we’ll spend the rest of our lives living into. But we can see and feel a difference. Everyday. 

Transforming Community

We love Longmont. And we try to live like it, which means we do all we can to live as we think Jesus would have us live. Compassion is important to us. And mercy. Reaching out and coming alongside. Helping. Showing those with whom we share this community that being a follower of Christ means first and foremost caring for people whether they ever set foot in our church or not.  It's what we mean in our Purpose when we say, "bless our community."

Our Presbyterian Affiliation

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States.  Our roots are in the so-called Reformed Tradition which means that we believe in a sovereign God…a God with the power to change lives, to give and love freely…a God Who has authority over the whole world.  

  • We believe that, in Jesus Christ, we see both the perfect love of God and what perfect humanity looks like. 
  • We believe God wants to be in relationship with us, that Jesus is the way to that relationship, and that we receive it by grace through faith.
  • We believe the Holy Spirit is at work in us and in the world, calling us to and sustaining us for the work of the Kingdom. 
  • We believe that the church belongs to Jesus Christ, and that one person should not make decisions for the whole church. So the authority in the church is not held by the pastor—most of it is in the hands of the congregation, working together.

We believe many of life’s questions don’t have easy answers. God gave us minds and expects us to use them. So we engage with Scripture as God’s word and guide for life, always reading one part of Scripture in conversation with Scripture as a whole.

Our Leadership Team

The staff and leadership here at CENTRALongmont is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them. You can contact the church office at info@centralongmont.net

  • David Barker - Pastor   

    David was raised in the Presbyterian church and left as soon as he could. Years of taking wrong turns followed, not to mention 15 years as a professor of communication. But the prodigal returned, having experienced in his own life that Jesus Christ is the best hope for a broken world. David served a congregation in Texas before coming to Central and life in the Rockies. He has degrees from the University of Texas and Austin Seminary; he loves the mountains, reading, music, and—as proof we live by faith and not by sight—the Chicago Cubs. He’s married to wife Terry and has two children.

  • Lee Smoot - Director of Music   

    Lee was born and raised in North Carolina but has called Colorado home for many years. She enjoys music of many styles, but her favorite is Broadway musicals! Lee and her husband Greg enjoy their daughter Madeline and all that high school life has to offer!

  • Holly Cable - Director of Christian Education    

    Holly is originally from the east coast but has called Colorado home since 2009. Her passion for Christ blossomed during her years in church choir as a youth. Holly has a B.S. in Family and Community Services from East Carolina University and an M.Div. from Duke Divinity School. She also has a Certificate in Mediation and formal training in Volunteer Management. She has worked in youth and family ministry in United Methodist and PCUSA congregations. Holly has a strong commitment to missional/incarnational ministry and developing relationships within the church and the community as a whole. Holly enjoys outdoor activities (except skiing), baking, singing along to the radio, and living life with husband Craig and their latest foster child, Angel.

  • Donna Ferrey - Dir. of Communications & Missional Outreach

    Donna is originally from Pennsylvania (think pretzels and cheesesteaks) and landed in Colorado 15 years ago with her husband Dave and their two daughters. She’s spent much of her adult life raising their children and wondering just what it is that God wants her to do, finally realizing that it’s the small things – attitude, relationships, and prayer – that are important in building the Kingdom (think missional). She likes reading, spending time with her family and laughing – she can find humor in almost anything.

  • Cheryl Bodin - Treasurer

    I am honored to be a member of Session serving as the Elder representing Youth Christian Education.  I also serve on the Mission Committee and Chawama Partnership.  Our partnership with Central Presbyterian Church in Chawama, Lusaka, Zambia is a passion of mine and I was blessed to travel there with others from our church in 2009.  I also serve as Treasurer for CENTRALongmont and work in Boulder as an accountant.  I have one daughter, Kristin, and two granddaughters, Brittney, 21, and Ashley, 15. This church family is such a blessing to me.  I love the way we are reaching out to our broad community, and how we support each other.


Session (Elders)

The Session is made up of individuals (Elders) elected by the congregation.  Collectively, the Session has responsibility for oversight for most of CENTRALongmont's current work and visioning for the future.  Individual Elders help provide leadership for specific ministries within the church.

Cheryl Bodin (Generosity)

Gary Bowser (Mission)

Ann Delzell (Session Liaison to Latino Ministry)

Lawson Drinkard (Facilities)

Carol Edwards (Worship)

Anna Gregory (Children's CE)

Tom Hoffman (Adult CE)

Steve Kukic (Personnel)

Sally Seth (Youth CE)

John Shetter (Finance)

Donna Weaver (Clerk of Session)

Diaconate (Deacons)

The purpose of the Deacons at CENTRALongmont is to provide prayer, love, support and pastoral care to members of our church family. Twelve individuals are elected to the Diaconate by the congregation, ordained and serve a three-year term. The duties of the Diaconate include:

  • Visiting our Friends at Home
  • Taking Communion to those who cannot participate in Sunday worship
  • Visiting those in hospital or other care facilities
  • Providing or finding transportation to church for those needing rides
  • Providing or finding meals for members in times of need
  • Sending cards to members during difficult times or times of special celebrations
  • Providing prayer and support to members who have suffered a loss of a loved one
  • Praying daily for members of the church with prayer requests
  • Managing and facilitating The Mercy Fund
  • Managing the CENTRALongmont Service Bank
  • Maintaining the church emergency cell phone 24/7.

For information on receiving pastoral care, please call the church office at 303-776-6833 or e-mail.

Bonnie Allen

Carl Brown

Karey Carbaugh

Kathy Coniway

Maj-Lis Kemper

Joan Rader

Reyes Ramos

Cathy Reichert

Bev Shetter (moderator)

Barbara Veal

Diane West